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10 Android apps that could get you fired

Mobile apps are huge right now, and their popularity is only going to increase over the next few years. There literally is an app for everything, but that doesn’t mean that you should download every app that you run across on the Android Market – or other app marketplace, if you don’t have an Android device. This is particularly true if you were issued a smartphone or tablet through work. Hopefully, your organization has a usage policy in place, which will give you some guidelines to follow. If not, use common sense, folks.

We’ve put together a list of some Android apps to watch out for or completely avoid altogether. There are many more examples out there, but we thought this sampling would give you a good idea of ones you should stay away from. This is not a post about moral or ethical beliefs, and we are not promoting or condoning the usage of any of the apps on our list. In fact, you can download all the apps you want on your personal phone. Our message here is simple: downloading some apps on your business phone could get you in hot water at work.

NOTE: The following is just a bulleted list. To read the full post with descriptions of the apps, visit the website source below.

  • Weed Farmer
  • KG Dogfighting
  • Serial Killer Quote of the Day
  • Serial Killer Quote of the Day
  • Pocket Girlfriend
  • Wank-o-meter
  • AndSMB
  • Backtrack5 Linux Installer
  • kWS – Android Web Server
  • LinkedIn

Source: TechRepublic